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3.8.8 Kernel Radeon Driver Breakage

I had a very trying day today trying to fix my -current install on my laptop. On April 19th(also my birthday \o/), Pat updated the kernel to 3.8.8. Well I didn’t reboot until yesterday but when I did X would only do 1024x768 and would not let me configure any monitors.

So the first thing I did was run X -configure, it returned with an error about the modesetting not being supported. The nex thing I attempted was

$ sudo modprobe radeon
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'radeon': Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)

As you can see that didn’t work so well, so I checked dmesg and this is what that said:

[  126.123596] drm: Unknown symbol backport___sg_page_iter_start (err 0)
[  126.123953] drm: Unknown symbol hdmi_avi_infoframe_init (err 0)
[  126.123989] drm: Unknown symbol backport___sg_page_iter_next (err 0)
[  126.124123] drm: Unknown symbol backport_dependency_symbol (err 0)

Well crap. At this point I was pretty stuck so I went on irc and tried a long list of steps. I started with recompiling the 3.8.8 kernel, then I tried recompiling mesa and libdrm. Then I tried using insmod to load the radeon module and that didn’t work either.

So finally I had the bright idea of using the 3.4.x kernel because Pat has a config for it in testing/. So I compile that, reboot, voila, it works! I then try the 3.8.4 kernel and that works fine too. Finally after a long day of troubleshooting I was finally back at where I was with before Friday’s update.

So hopefully this will help someone out in the near future.